Its always exciting to see your words in hard copy. Felt magazine is a great supporter of all things felty in Australia and open to new ideas and suggestions. This latest issue had the theme of "mixed media", so  for a how-to segment I expanded on an experiment I did earlier in the year for Platform Gallery, talking about our overuse of plastic. I get a kick out of combining the everlasting, soft material of felt with the everlasting hard material of plastic. Maybe its my way of reconciling opposites.. who knows.


I used white wool for the exhibition piece as it was about death, but I cant seem to get away from white...somehow adding colour diffuses the strength of the form so I guess its wether the artwork is mostly about the form or the colour or what the idea needs. Ive always picked myself as a colour nut - maybe getting older one starts to pare things back. Im currently working on a series of lampshades using the same basic resist shape and only white, but allowing for difference by seeing just how many things felt can do (its a lot!), cutting, shaping, folding etc. But because its all white I keep being reminded of bones and so the latest looks like a rib cage. Its all a bit macabre  but Im going with it. Sometimes you have to trust the process.

Regalia for a Dead Reef  Saskia Everingham. Platform Gallery 2018

Regalia for a Dead Reef Saskia Everingham. Platform Gallery 2018